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Thank you for visiting The Well Nest online. You can find the Wellbeing & Retreat Centre at 22 Brook Square, Rugeley:

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What’s on offer

The Well Nest is a full service holistic therapy and wellbeing retreat centre based in staffordshire. Some of the events and activities you may find at The Well Nest are as follows:


Yoga classes in a number of different styles are available at the dedicated Yoga Studio at The Well Nest. Classes run throughout the week at various times to suit as many people as possible. We also run several specifically beginner friendly classes and retreats, but you will find that all our classes are suitable for beginners; it just depends how much you want to move and what you’d like to get out of the session.

The styles of yoga we have available at The Well Nest are as follows: Yin, Yin Yang, Vinyasa, Gentle Yoga, Kundalini, Restorative.

You can view the full timetable of classes and events here and you can find descriptions of the styles of yoga available on the page dedicated to Yoga or in detailed blog posts.


Pilates at The Well Nest is a fantastic accessible class suitable for all. Whether you are new to movement or coming back to your practice after a break, pilates will challenge your muscles and core strength as you build muscle tone and increase mobility.

Pilates is available on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You can view the timetable or book a class here.


Meditation is our passion at The Well Nest. Our resident expert Hannah is a practicing Buddhist of more than ten years and a dedicated mindfulness practitioner and highly qualified and experienced in teaching meditation techniques from many traditions. You never need any experience to join a meditation class or course with The Well Nest; we make the practice as accessible as possible.

You can join Hannah online for meditation classes and courses (many of which are free) and you can visit The Well Nest Youtube channel for access to pre-recorded meditations. Take a look at the Timetable for upcoming sessions, ask about free meditations or subscribe to the newsletter by emailing [email protected] to be the first to know about upcoming sessions.

Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness is a popular form of meditation arising from Buddhist practices of sitting with the busyness and discomfort of the mind to find inner peace. Mindfulness workshops are regularly held at The Well Nest focusing on particular theme such as; reducing anxiety, finding happiness, letting go. Workshops usually take place at weekends and last approximately two hours. Workshops are simultaneously held online and in person to make the teachings as accessible as possible.

There are also opportunities to take more of an in-depth approach to mindfulness study by joining an eight week ‘Mindfulness for Life’ course. This course runs once per year currently and offers a deep dive into mindfulness, the nature of the mind, our compassionate nature (and how to cultivate that for self care) and wisdom. The course takes a look at how mindfulness can be applied practically to everyday life and over the course of 8 weeks, we develop the skills to have mindfulness practices available to us no matter what arises over the course of life.

No previous experience is necessary to join mindfulness workshops – beginners and experienced meditators are always welcome to join the sessions. Take a look at the timetable to view current workshops that are available, or sign up to the newsletter by emailing [email protected] to be the first to know when new courses and sessions are launched.

Wellbeing Courses

A huge variety of wellbeing courses are available at The Well Nest throughout the year. We offer creative wellbeing courses in aromatherapy (making bath and body products, deodorant making, bath bomb making, incense cone making, candle making), sound healing (sound healing for self-care, instrument playing, professional sound healing CPD), energy work (reiki fan making, smudge making, dreamcatcher and sun wheel making, chakra energy, lunar living), meditation (self compassion, mindfulness, vipassana, Buddhism) and yoga (for menopause, for chronic illness, for stress reduction, for better sleep etc).

Please visit the relevant pages linked above to find out more or check out the timetable of upcoming workshops.

Massage Therapy (aromatherapy) and Reiki

At The Well Nest, we offer a creative range of massage therapy options to suit your needs. Full body aromatherapy (as well as targeted back massage) massage, reiki/aromatherapy combination, aromatherapy with sound combination and crystal therapy (coming soon). You can contact me to book an appointment – available 7 days per week.

Sound Therapy (including shamanic journeys)

Sound therapy is a powerful method of enhancing your wellbeing through deep relaxation, energetic rebalancing and achieving harmonic resonance with your energy centres. Sound therapy can also alter brainwave states to bring you into deeper states of meditation and relaxation. At The Well Nest you can enjoy monthly sound baths and one to one sound therapy sessions to suit your schedule. You can also book small group sound baths for family and friends, work colleagues or hen parties.

You can book onto the monthly sound bath here.

At The Well Nest we are committed to making wellbeing activities accessible to as many people as possible while staying true to tradition and origin. There are a wide range of classes and courses available for beginners and more experienced practitioners. We want to help you reclaim your happiness by making wellbeing fun, inclusive, relevant and accessible for all. Events with The Well Nest range from 30 minute sessions to 8 week courses. A large number of courses and classes are also available free of charge.

Wellness Retail

We have a fully stocked retail area of The Well Nest so you can take your wellbeing tools home with you. We stock yoga and meditation supplies (mats, straps, blocks, eye pillows, relaxation pillows, meditation cushions), wellness candles, incense, sage and palo santo, books and oracle cards, homewares to create your sacred space at home, bath and body products from the gorgeous Good Zest Company, aromatherapy and Himalayan salt bath bombs, handmade yoga bags and jewellery from Vida Jewellery. You will always find beautiful wellbeing products at The Well Nest with stock curated for beauty and therapeutic function.

Geographic area

The Well Nest is based in Rugeley, but our courses, classes and events are available throughout Staffordshire. You can find our classes in Little Haywood, Great Haywood, Stafford, Wolseley Bridge, Rugeley and occasionally further afield such as Armitage and Crewe. We are also online – live stream and join Video on Demand from anywhere in the world!

The Well Nest is open for business via social media and email seven days per week. Classes, therapies, courses and events run from 8 am – 8 pm daily.

The Well Nest retreat centre offers a huge range of classes, courses and events both in person and online. There is also a full on demand offering of video courses, classes and bundles.