Massage Therapy

The massages available utilise techniques founded in ancient traditions to soothe, relax, energise or renew the mind and body. Massages don’t just work on a physical level. The vibrational qualities of essential oils and sound therapy (utilising drumming and Tibetan bowls) can produce powerful rebalancing effects for the mind and spirit as well.

You will receive a consultation before your first treatment to make sure your experience is unique to your requirements. Essential oils will be blended to suit your body and mind and applied through professional massage in a dedicated therapy space.

Treatments now available. 

To book your appointment, please contact Hannah  [email protected]

The Well Nest has a dedicated therapy space created for relaxation and healing based very close to Stafford town centre. Parking is available. Please ask Hannah for address details at the time of booking your first session.

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage (60 minutes) £35

Beginning with a 20 minute back massage this bespoke treatment will include an oil blended to suit your needs, whether that’s for relaxation, balancing, rejuvenation or invigoration. The massage will also cover legs, arms, abdomen and chest.

A facial treatment can be added to this massage so that you can enjoy a face mask whilst being massaged – please enquire on booking as extra time is required (add £15)

Face and scalp massage can also be added – please enquire on booking as extra time is required (add £10)

Reiki Massage (60 minutes) £35 (special offer)

Aromatherapy massage with oils blended to suit your requirements covering the back, legs and arms. Following the massage procedure you will be wrapped in warm blankets and relax with an eye pillow while a Reiki treatment is carried out to balance and cleanse your energetic field. A full therapeutic and healing experience.

Hawaiian Massage (60 minutes) £40

A deeply therapeutic massage to back, arms and legs using nourishing nut oils and aromatherapy blends to help you relax, release old energy patterns (stored as memory within the cells of the body) and providing healing therapy for mind and body. Prayer and silent mantra will be utilised by the therapist to help in the healing process of release and rebalancing of stored memory and energy. 

Shamanic Re-balancing Massage (60 minutes) £40

A personalised aromatherapy oil blend will be used in the massage procedure to back, arms and legs as you relax and find balance in this treatment. The treatment will take place in sacred space under the guidance and protection of Spirit. Palo Santo and sound vibration will be used to balance and cleanse the body and mind energetically so that you feel deeply  renewed and imbued with new strength and invigoration.

Back massage (30 minutes) £25

Enjoy the relaxation of a full 30 minute back massage using oils blended specifically for your needs. A full range of massage techniques will be employed to provide muscle relaxation, lymphatic drainage, tension release and improved circulation.

Facial (60 minutes) £30

A full aromatherapy facial is more like a complete relaxation experience than a skincare routine. Enjoy a facial using natural, plant based products and relax during your face mask with a massage to your chest, shoulders and scalp using an aromatherapy oil blend to suit your individual requirements. You will also benefit from the relaxation of a hand and arm or foot and leg massage as part of this treatment.