Sound Therapy

“Everything in Life is Vibration” Albert Einstein

A profound way to access and heal energetic balance is through sound therapy. As you relax, traditional instruments that have been used for healing practices for centuries, are played on or near to your body. The frequencies of the sounds produced, effect and realign the frequencies and energetic balance of our bodies and minds.

How Sound Therapy Works

The pure sounds enter the body and mind and can have a deep effect on emotional states, mental busyness and stress levels. Sound therapy can also treat physical ailments as the sound frequencies enter the body and resonate with water and fluid content in the cells. Rhythmic and repetitive sounds can also directly affect brainwave states to bring individuals into deeper states of relaxation, awareness and consciousness. The deeper states of relaxation activate the parasympathetic nervous system, turning down the body’s stress response and activating the release of hormones to bring the body back to balance chemically as well as energetically. Long-term or chronic illness such a fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and osteoarthritis can also be alleviated through sound therapy as sound waves enter the body and encourage healing on a cellular level.

Sound therapy also has deep connection to Chakra theory. Each Chakra (energetic wheel) vibrates at a certain frequency and can be assisted back into balance and free movement through the use of sound therapy. Particular frequencies played on or near to the Chakras can have a profound rebalancing effect on overall wellbeing.

Sessions Available

Sound therapy isn’t just about listening to nice music and relaxing for an hour (although that does happen). Techniques of visualisation, reflection and grounding are built into the practice and afterwards to allow each client to gain a deeper insight into their own wellbeing and how practical steps to rebalance can be taken in everyday life.

Following an initial consultation, you will relax on a therapy couch or on the floor (supported by blankets and pillows) and will be guided into relaxation before the therapy session begins. Based on your individual requirements and concerns, the therapist will play instruments directed at particular health concerns, imbalances or reactions that have manifested in the body or mind. Following the treatment you will be brought slowly out of the session with grounding techniques and self-reflection on your journey or experience during the treatment and in the following weeks.

The first session you have will last 75 minutes to allow for the initial consultation and discussion of your requirements. Sessions can thereafter be booked for 60 or 45 minutes. Sessions can be booked each day of the week (subject to availability).

Please email [email protected] to book.

Chakra Balancing Session

Utilising the Balinese Bell, Tingsha Bells and full set of Chakra tuned Tibetan Bowls to rebalance, cleanse and realign the energy of the chakras. Chakra balancing can have great effects on overall wellbeing; emotionally, physically and mentally

First session (75 minutes) £50

60 minute session £43

45 minute session £38

Healing Session

Utilising the Balinese Bell, Tibetan bowls and Shamanic drum to locate specific energetic blockages or work on existing health conditions. The vibrations and energetic shifts work deeply on the cells of the body to bring healing, release trauma and induce deep relaxation.

First session (75 minutes) £50

60 minute session £43

45 minute session £38

Group Sound Baths

Sound baths are held monthly at The Well Nest on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening in the third week of the month, usually at 8 pm. Each sound bath has a different theme and utilises different instruments to awaken energy centres in the body and draw in or release energies. Themes are often chosen to correspond to the seasons or celestial events.

Special event sound baths and workshops are also held regularly – to find out when and make bookings, please email Hannah and ask to join the newsletter list: [email protected]

Private Group Sound Baths

Small group sessions can also be provided at The Well Nest or at your home.

Sessions at The Well Nest studio are £10 per person (subject to a minimum charge of £50 where less than 5 people are attending).

Sessions at a venue of your choice are quoted on an individual basis.

Please contact Hannah to make enquiries. [email protected] 07738 560165