The Well Nest is a full service yoga studio, wellbeing and retreat centre based at Brook Square in Rugeley, Staffordshire (WS15 2DR). The Well Nest is ideal for your chance to escape. Whether you join us for an hour long yoga class, an afternoon workshop or a day retreat, you will be able to relax surrounded by likeminded people in this tranquil space.

The Well Nest has a yoga/pilates studio and workshop space, holistic therapy rooms and a beautiful wellness retail area. We have lots of natural light and a plant walls to keep you connected to the earth, even as your energy rises.

The Well Nest is owned and run by me, Hannah. I’m a great believer in using natural means to heal the body and mind after finding great success in helping myself this way and seeing many of my clients benefit mentally and physically from traditional wellness practices.

I have been a practitioner of Yoga for over 20 years and Mindfulness and Meditation for over a decade. I work with individuals, workplaces, public and private sector bodies and healthcare providers including the NHS and occupational health services. I also work regularly in FE and HE offering wellbeing support to students and staff. I offer group sessions, one-to-one classes and community based workshops alongside workplace wellbeing packages. I am also a professional wellbeing trainer for the NHS running courses in yoga, mindfulness, compassion, managing anxiety, sleeping well and managing chronic illness. 

I am fully qualified and very experienced in all the services I offer. You can be assured of the very best quality and knowledge in my teaching and practices; more information on my training can be found below.

Find out more below or contact me directly on [email protected] to see how the wellbeing services on offer at the Well Nest can benefit you and your workplace or community.

My experience

Life throws us many challenges over the years and my experience has taught me the importance of looking after mental and physical health. Periods of stress from work (formerly as a solicitor) and life as well as chronic illness have led me to try many different things to restore balance and wellness. Yoga and mindfulness meditation have healed my mind and body countless times. It is my wish to make authentic wellbeing practices available and accessible to as many people as possible. If it hadn’t been for yoga, meditation and holistic therapy, I wouldn’t be where I am today; able to share this knowledge with you.


I have been a student of yoga since 2002 when I started a practice for fitness reasons. It quickly developed into a full mind and body practice, changing my mind, body and outlook. I qualified to teach in 2016  and now have over 700 hours of training and certification with world renowned teachers and many hundreds of hours of teaching experience. I am registered with Yoga Alliance (as an experienced teacher) with internationally recognised qualifications so you can be assured of my knowledge and the quality of teaching you will receive.

Yoga is a real passion of mine as it strengthens the body and heals the mind through focus and present moment awareness. Having suffered periods of restricted mobility because of chronic fatigue, I appreciate that even touching your toes can be liberating! There is a style of yoga for everybody. You can join me on the mat in one (or more) of the following styles that I teach:

  • Yin (gentle, mindful movement for joint mobility and flexibility)
  • Yin Yang (starting off dynamic for strength and flexibility and moving into gentle, long, Yin postures)
  • Vinyasa (strong, flowing, dynamic yoga for flexibility, strength and stamina)
  • Ashtanga (strong, structured, dynamic practice of breath and movement)
  • Kundalini (yoga of awareness for mind, body and spirit)
  • Gentle Yoga (gentle, full body focus on moving mindfully without the need to get up and down off the mat)

Mindfulness and Meditation

I have been a practitioner of mindfulness and Buddhist meditation since 2011 (training in-depth for many years in Buddhist teachings and meditation). I turned to mindfulness to help me deal with stress from work that had led to chronic illness. It not only helped me deal with stress and anxiety, but it actually changed my life. Finding stillness and presence in each moment can liberate the mind, improve relationships and ease the flow of life. Even finding a few moments of peace of mind can lead to great realisations that are of benefit to you and those around you.

I qualified to teach mindfulness in 2017 (with internationally renowned Mindfulness CIC and have since also trained as a Shamanic Life Coach, certified Ho’Oponopono practitioner and Sound Healing therapist) as I believe meditation practice can transform outlook and quality of life. 

You can practice with me in classes, workshops, retreats, lectures and courses in the community and with the NHS. I also offer tailored workplace packages and one to one guidance for new and experienced practitioners.


Modern life already provides us with enough pollution and synthesised versions of natural remedies through pharmaceutical interventions and modified foods. Having tried many prescription medications for fatigue and chronic pain, I knew that it was time to try something else. The natural, plant based remedies that early civilisations discovered and that have continued to be used to this day have proven to me to be beneficial in so many ways to provide relaxation, invigoration, release and calm. Aromatherapy massage using essential oils can help overcome illnesses associated with stress, provide relief from many chronic conditions and even act as an indulgent treat providing fantastic relaxation. I qualified as an aromatherapist (with VTCT) in 2017 so that I can share the healing power of plants with you.


Energy healing is a real passion of mine as being able to manipulate the energetic field through natural means is both empowering and hugely beneficial for overall wellbeing. Reiki is a powerful remedy for adjusting energetic flow through the channels, meridians and chakras in the body using the palms of the reiki therapist as a conduit. It is intuitive in nature and not only helps to adjust energy flow and find balance, but also to connect us to universal life force. I have been a reiki practitioner since 2017 and became a Reiki Master in early 2022. I love sharing this practice with clients to help them find the healing and balance that they seek.

To get in touch, email me at [email protected] or contact reception on 07522 859532