The Well Nest is owned and run by me, Hannah. I’m a great believer in using natural means to heal the body and mind after finding great success in helping myself this way and seeing many of my clients benefit mentally and physically from traditional wellness practices.

My experience

Life throws us many challenges over the years and my experience has taught me the importance of looking after mental and physical health. Periods of stress from work and life as well as chronic illness have led me to try many different things to restore balance and wellness. If it hadn’t been for yoga and meditation, I wouldn’t be where I am today; able to share this knowledge with you.


I have been a student of yoga since 2002 when I started a practice for fitness reasons. It quickly developed into a full mind and body practice and I started to take yoga more seriously from 2010 and qualified to teach in 2016. It is a real passion of mine as it strengthens the body and heals the mind through concentration and calm. Having suffered periods of restricted mobility because of chronic fatigue, I appreciate that even touching your toes can be liberating!

Mindfulness and Meditation

I have also been a practitioner of mindfulness and Buddhist meditation since 2011. I turned to mindfulness to help me deal with stress from work. It not only helped me deal with stress and anxiety, but it actually changed my life. Even finding a few moments of peace of mind can lead to great realisations that are of benefit to you and those around you. I qualified to teach mindfulness in 2017 as I believe this practice can greatly improve quality of life.


Having tried many prescription medications for fatigue, my body let me know that it was time to try something else. The natural, plant based remedies that early civilisations discovered and have continued to be used to this day have proven to me to be beneficial in so many ways to provide relaxation, invigoration, release and calm. Aromatherapy massage using essential oils can help overcome illnesses associated with stress, provide relief from many chronic conditions and even act as an indulgent treat providing fantastic relaxation.

I’d like to share this with you.

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