We have plenty of items available to purchase from The Well Nest Shop to help you in your wellbeing journey. Browse items below; all items can be posted to you or collected from The Well Nest.

How to Buy

If you see something you like, send a message to [email protected] and an e-invoice will be sent to you for online payment. Once paid, your item will be posted or available for collection.

Eye Pillows

Handmade locally using re-purposed fabrics, these eye pillows are filled with flaxseed and lavender. Each eye pillow has a removable cover which can be washed. Eye pillows are the perfect aid to relaxation. Eye pillows provide gentle weight, the scent of lavender and complete darkness to help sleep come more easily.

£7 each plus £1.75 postage (if required)

30 Days of Mindfulness

A jar of mindful moments to see you through the month. Take out a mindful moment each day and follow the instructions to bring you back to ‘now’. After 30 days you may just have a new mindfulness habit. Completely re-usable and re-giftable.

£8 each (collection only)

Yin Pillows

Small, supportive pillows filled with buckwheat and lavender. Handmade locally from re-purposed fabrics. Ideal as a pillow for relaxation before and after class, but also useful for supporting your practice as a prop.

£12 each plus £3.25 postage (if required)

Yoga Blankets

Fleece blankets made from recycled materials. Large enough to keep warm during relaxation and supportive enough to place under joints for kneeling poses or to fold over your mat for floor-based practice.

£8 each plus £3.25 postage (if required)

Yoga Socks

Grippy socks that will stop you from sliding around on your yoga mat. Ideal if you suffer from cold feet or cramp. A variety of styles available to choose from.

Individually priced.

Yoga Blocks

Firm, supportive props for use during your practice. Use for enabling a more accessible entry into postures, or for making things a little more challenging – these are the most versatile prop we use in yoga.

£10 per pair (collection only)

Faux Sheepskin Rugs

A little bit of luxury for your practice. Ideal size for seated postures, especially during kundalini and gentle yoga. Soft enough to cushion the knees for kneeling postures and small enough to place the feet either side of during standing poses. I don’t know what I’d do without mine!

£10 each (collection only)