***Everyone taking a Yoga class with The Well Nest in April and May 2019 will be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new Bean Products organic cotton yoga mat bag in ‘organic tomato’ red!

There will be no classes on the following dates due to holidays:

Thursday 18th April 2019

Wednesday 24th April 2019


Colwich & Little Haywood Village Hall, Chilwell Avenue ST18 0QZ

Wednesdays 12 pm – 1 pm (Vinyasa)

Thursdays 6 pm – 7 pm (Vinyasa)

Yin Yoga – coming soon

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£5 per class, no booking required. Turn up and practice

Please note: from 1st May 2019, prices will be £6 per class.

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice providing physical and mental benefits. It is a whole body experience with vast fitness and therapeutic benefits.

You will find that through a regular yoga practice you will reap the benefits of increased strength, stability, fitness, flexibility and muscle tone. Yoga is not just a physical practice however. At the Well Nest, yoga sessions will include initial relaxation to calm the mind, mobilisation, asana (physical practice) and a mixture of meditation and breathing practices (pranayama). This means the body and mind work together to provide a holistic health experience leading to great potential health improvements.

What to expect:

Yoga at the Well Nest is suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners. All areas of the body will benefit as well as the mind.

Vinyasa classes – flowing, dynamic movements with blended ashtanga principles and practices. This means sequences of postures and movements between postures to create heat, focus on pranayama to control the heart rate through breath and strong core work.

Yin classes – gentle yoga focused on stretching and releasing connective tissues and providing a deep mindfulness practice through connection to the present moment. Postures are held for longer periods allowing conscious relaxation of certain muscle groups.

All you need to bring is a yoga mat and a bottle of water. Blocks and straps will be available if required. If you find kneeling uncomfortable you may wish to bring a small blanket and you may find a small pillow useful for relaxation or the Yin classes.